M/Y JPMarine- made by divers for divers.

We are professionals in dive cruises for over 15 years. Diving is not only our profession, but also our real passion. We designed and constructed a boat that can perfectly suit all needs of divers and offer the best experience in the Red Sea.

We organize dive safari (liveaboard dive trips) in Egypt all year round. High quality dive trip at an affordable price, the best selection of dive itineraries, comfortable liveaboards, safety of dives. 

JP Marine can accommodate 28 people in 14 twin cabins. Cozy salon, spacious dive deck, open and shadow sun decks, 2 bars – all that make maximum space to relax between dives. 

JP Marine cruise speed is 15knots and the boat makes trips to all marine parks and remote destination of the Egyptian part of the Red sea.

Technical data:  

Length 37m
Width 7,5m
Engines 2×610 HP MAN
Generators 112, 100, 48KW
Fuel tank 8 t and water maker


15 cabins: 14 twin superior client cabins and 1 dive guide cabin. All 14 clients cabins equipped with
– private shower and toilette facilities,
– air condition. 

6 cabins are located on the sundeck and 8 cabins – on lower deck.

There are no clients cabins next to engine room on the lower deck. The dive-guide cabin and the storage room are located next to engine room.


  • 6 tables accomodate 28 guests,
  • Music system,
  • TV screen,
  • Bar self service (tea, coffee facilities), refrigerator.

2 sundecks: open solarium on 4th deck and shadow area on 3d deck. 

Shadow area: bar, relax area 
Open solarium and captain bridge on the 4th deck. 


  • electricity 24hours, 220V,
  • VHF radio,
  • GPS plotter,
  • radar, 
  • fire alarm,
  • extinguishers,
  • water tank 8 tonnes, 
  • distillation system,
  • 4 life rafts,
  • 60 life jackets.

Dive deck:

  • 3 compressors,
  • 36 tanks 12l air,
  • 5 oxygen tanks,  
  • Nitrox mixer,
  • 2 zodiacs.

The crew:

The crew is real “treasure” of the boat- always here to help. Almost all our clients once visited the trip noticed that guys are very friendly but experienced and professional. The crew of the boat has an average note 9,3/10 which can be considered as one of best on Red Sea

Captain of MY JP Marine Mohammed Hassan, one of the most experience boat driver of the Red sea, safety of the boat is his first priority. Mechanic Ahmed is the one that you will definitely remember ! The real professional who joined our company more than 10 years ago and has amazing reputation between clients; he is the one who is always full of energy and creates atmosphere on dive deck! Ahmed maintain the technical situation of the boat and also is responsible for full-filling the air before dive (and Nitrox of course!). You can find our general saloon manager Mubarak was captured during performing of his duties at the bar in sun deck – he is the one who is always here to help and keep the boat clean and safe.


Security measures aboard (shark-areas) :

All scuba diving activities conducted in shark-infested areas adhere strictly to the established regulations set forth by the Hurghada Environmental Protection and Conservation Association (HEPCA) and the Chamber of Diving and Water Sports (CDWS). We meticulously ensure compliance with all official requirements and promptly make any necessary adjustments as per the guidelines provided. In order to maintain a proactive approach, we maintain regular and direct communication with the CDWS, allowing us to closely monitor the prevailing conditions at sea.

Some of the examples of the rules we follow: organizing dives with sharks exclusively in large groups, this strategic approach creates an illusion of increased size, effectively reducing the perception of individual divers as potential prey to the sharks. Immediately submersion is imperative. Remaining on the surface, engaging in surface swimming, or snorkeling in areas inhabited by sharks is strictly prohibited.



  • All our dive guides are required to hold a mandatory PADI Shark Aware certificate. This certification ensures that our guides possess the necessary knowledge and understanding of shark behavior, ecology, and conservation. It equips them with the expertise to provide a safe and informative experience for our guests. In addition to their Shark Aware certification, our dive guides boast extensive years of experience in conducting shark dives within the context of liveaboard trips.


  • During our trips to shark-inhabited areas, we provide comprehensive briefings to all participants. These briefings are conducted in strict accordance with the official protocols established by both the Hurghada Environmental Protection and Conservation Association (HEPCA) and the Chamber of Diving and Water Sports (CDWS). Our briefings are designed to ensure that divers are well-informed and prepared for encounters with sharks.


  • Our boat holds an official license for operation, which is granted by the Red Sea Police and renewed on a seasonal basis. This license serves as a testament to our compliance with all relevant regulations and safety standards set forth by the authorities. To ensure the utmost safety and adherence to regulations, our boat and crew undergo a mandatory inspection conducted by the Red Sea Police before each departure. This comprehensive check is designed to assess the boat’s seaworthiness, emergency equipment, and compliance with all required safety measures. Only upon successfully passing this inspection do we receive a departure permit, allowing us to embark on our diving expeditions.

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